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What is eMoney?

eMoney is our new interactive planning software.  This efficient financial tool allows you to easily view and manage your plan and portfolio through data aggregation.

It is available free to anyone who is interested!

eMoney’s Main Features:

  1. Account linking for up-to-date balances.  Include your all investments, 401(k) plans, company stock, bank accounts, credit cards, mortgage, and even loans.
  2. Budgeting tools and transaction tracking.  Link your debit or credit cards to view all of your transactions in one secure location.  Set monthly budgets and track them daily.  eMoney automatically categorizes your transactions based on the purchase.
  3. Document storage in the Vault.  Place all of your important documents in your 100% secure digital Vault for 24/7 access.  
  4. Financial reports.  Input your income, expenses, and savings to predict future statements such as cash flow or balance sheets.  See if you’re saving enough for college or retirement with a few clicks.